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Over 20 years of experience delivering process improvement & customer experience profitability strategies to Fortune 50 Finance and Technology organizations.

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Our Results

Industry experts for leaders around the globe

Our team of experts have been trusted by world leaders to deliver strategies for sustainability, growth while executing this with the highest degree of confidentiality. 


Reduction in operating expenses


Over $1M in annual payroll savings


Improvement in shipping & logistics management


Increased customer satisfaction rate to 99.98%


Increase in revenue

Years of Experience

Countries with VOS Clients

Our Beliefs

We build long-term relationships not just transactions

You have many options on who you can work with to transform your organization in that we have found for the success of the work it is important to work with experts that are aligned to your core values. 


Organizations that want to make an impact on the industry have a people - oriented culture that drives continuous profitability.


Given the room to do so, the training and opportunity leaders can transform an organization.


To build a deep and wide client base requires you to be an expert at addressing the unspoken need.

Problems We Solve

20 years of experience simplifying complex problems

After working with Founders, Senior Leaders, and teams of Mid-Market, Large Enterprises, Multinational Brands, and Funded Startups we have identified three of the most frequent problems our clients are facing.

Profit Leakage

Revenue is incoming but you're not realizing the profit and the bottom line doesn't grow.

Executive Burnout

You are operating in a reactive mode vs. proactive mode creating Leadership to function in a high state of burnout.

Experts with No ROI

Past experts did not rise to the occasion to provide strategic, tactical help customized for your needs.


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Meet Our Founder

“Systems and structures that set the standard of yesterday require enhancement to keep up with the market”

A sought out expert for the Financial and Technology industries LaDawn Townsend’s journey into entrepreneurship began at the hand of a department wide layoff that ended her 20-year  career as a Corporate ‘fixer’ 

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Your organization is unique and requires a tailored solution, not so